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If you are looking for a cat tree, climbing frame, scratching post or enclosure for your cat, but don't like the look of the mass manufactured items on offer then you might like what I have available from Run Cat Run!

Run Cat Run Background

I have two Maine-Coon cats and as a breed Maine-Coons are larger than the average household cat. As a result it can be difficult to find scratching posts large enough to suit them. Most are simply not up to the job, either being too flimsy or garish to have around the home or garden. As I have a background in carpentry, I decided I could make something far more suitable and attractive myself.

After making cat trees and scratching posts for myself, I made a few more cat trees and gave them to friends with cats. They proved so popular with their cats I decided to make more to sell and Run Cat Run! was born.

What Run Cat Run can offer

Although the initial intention was to offer scratching posts I am now able to offer a custom build service making and fitting indoor climbing frames and outdoor runs in a variety of materials to suit any space you might have available to you pets.

Depending on the distance I am happy to make home visits to discuss ideas and requirements. Take a look at the pictures and choose one of the products available or if you can't see something suitable or that appeals to you give me a call and I will make something personal to you. It can be something that fits that awkward corner in your home, a centrepiece for the garden - you name it!

Please give me a call or send me an email with any enquiries. Thanks for taking the time to visit my site, Steve.

Jamcusa Maine Coons


Steve Wells
Tel: 07722484059

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